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To receive updates, you don't need to write to the PM . Just follow these steps


For all clients

To get the update, register on the new site

You can update your trucks and trailers by clicking the UPDATE button in your user profile. 




Once the update is sent, your button will change from orange to green.



If your profile has a green button, it means that an update has been sent, just check your mega and download the update.


How long should I wait?

If you haven't received an update within 4 days
Write and we will contact you.


Problem receiving updates (Click)


Example folders mega

After the purchase, we will create a folder in the mega, and you can check your folder at any time.

2 folders:
game v1.37-1.38
game v1.39

In VIP mega, you will have folders:

Beta test (not available to everyone)
VIP card


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