Brief instructions, and answers to frequently asked questions.

How is the purchase?

After payment you will be sent a file to your PayPal email address, it may take from 10 minutes to a day
files will be sent to your e-mail PayPal (if you want that files and updates were sent to another email address, please let us know about it, just write us on our e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Why am I waiting up to 24 hours and not getting the link right away?

You cannot get the link right away, because for each client we prepare the files individually. User ID is made for each mod. If the mod is transmitted to other people and gets on the Internet, we 100% knew who was to blame, and could block it by the user.
For this reason, we are forced to send a new link for each client separately.
The person sending your purchase may not be at the computer or sleeping at this time.

24 hours passed and I did not receive the files. What is the problem?

Contact us immediately. There may be an error due to our fault or you have indicated the wrong mail. Before writing about the problem, check the spam folder

How do I install your mod in the game?

after you get links to downloading mods (always check the spam folder, the files are sent within 12 hours, usually it takes 5 minutes to an hour) to install the mod, you should do the following: download and unpack the archive! To unpack it, you must have installed 7z

You must unzip the archive, copy ONLY 3 files of the part1 part2 part3, and put them in the mod folder - my Documents/American Truck Simulator/folder - mod
, then connect it to the mod manager.

open archive
[Your name]_ATS_RTA-Mods_KW-T908_v6.5.7z
move / copy


my Documents/American Truck Simulator/folder - mod

enter the game and enable it in the mod manager
buy a truck from a dealer

Can I customize a truck or trailer for myself?

Yes, all materials and textures are in part1

How do I get an update?

After the purchase, we will create a folder in the mega, and you can check your folder at any time.
2 folders:
Trailer/game v1.35
Truck/game v1.35

In VIP mega, you will have folders:
Beta test (not available to everyone)
VIP card

If you have not got access to mega:
fill out this form https://rta-mods.net/en/update and we will send you an update for the mods you bought, or indicate which mod you want to receive the update

What does a free update mean and how will it work for me?

 Our first task is to make an update for a new patch of the game. Example: you bought a truck for version 1.34 and soon update 1.35 was released.
There have been changes in the game and your truck or trailer stopped working in game version 1.35
We fix all the necessary files and send you a truck / trailer for the new version of the game
Also, we can add new chassis, parts, cabs, etc.
Basically, the addition of new details occurs in the already stable version of the game, when the first task is already completed.
In order to understand how this works, you can look at the version of the mod. Example: if you have a version of Kenworth T908 v6.6 and you see in the list of updates that the next update will be version 7.0 (Kenworth T908 v7.0) and not version 6.7 (Kenworth T908 v6.7) this means that the model has been changed and new parts have been added, such as the cab, chassis, etc.

How do I become a VIP client?

If you bought from us mods worth more than $50, we will transfer you to a VIP group, you will automatically receive discounts of -50% for all subsequent purchases.
To join the VIP group, please write to our e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I install the mod on 2-3 computers?

Yes, You can install the mod on several computers
If you share this with your friend. You are solely responsible for your friend.
If the mod is sent to the Internet, sold or disclosed to many people, we will block your account and you will not be able to receive updates or make purchases from us.
We get great support from the community and get information instantly.

I can not register on the site.

At the moment, the registration on the rta-mods.net website is disabled, so do not try to register on it)
Registration is only needed on the forum https://forum.rta-mods.net

If I find a mistake, where can I write about it?

You can report this on
facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/RTA.Mods/
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
forum https://forum.rta-mods.net/viewforum.php?f=92

I want to do a review on my YouTube channel

In addition to the fact that you have a desire to review, you should understand what you are doing. Namely:

1) Understand about the conflict of mods - turn off all conflicting modes before reviewing, so as not to give untrue information, as many on YouTube do

2) When making a review, criticism is welcome. If you find an error, do not forget to point out this error.
Such reviews are more interesting, it’s important not only to show but also to test.
Otherwise, it does not make sense. The role of the beta tester is to find the error and not get first.

We pay more attention to such reviews, because of such reviews the models are only getting better.

3) If the model has already left beta testing, the review should only contain true information.
There is an error - point out the error and not think that we might not like it.

We’re ready to review your channel and discuss the details with you.

You just need to give a link to a video review of any of our trucks.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have a good and high-quality channel, we are ready to prepare a promo code for your subscribers

How to become a beta tester and what are the requirements?

Beta testing is primarily attention to detail and a well-written report on this.
We have a number of basic requirements:
You must be a VIP customer

1) PC requirements:
To check FPS, the computer must be no higher than the specified parameters
i5 3.2 / 3.6 GHz
2) Photo report should be done separately.
Screenshot and description below
3 All models, you should check on a clean profile (without installing other mods)
4) The testing includes the following:
model testing
testing the model for conflict with other mods
FPS check on different scales (this is done at the end of beta testing, when all textures and materials are loaded into the game)
5) testing the template (if you are engaged in skins and understand about it)

Final beta testing has long been available to VIP clients.
There is practically no demand there, all that is required is to report a problem if errors or conflicts are detected.
It is possible that our testers missed and they would check the files again

If you think that you are ready to become a beta tester, write to us and we will give you a test task. If you manage, we will be ready to work with you


VIP Folders Mega

All VIP clients receive their updates in mega. We open access to update folders.
Update requests are no longer required.

If you are a VIP client and do not have access to VIP folders in mega, read this information carefully.

All VIP clients are registered on the forum and such logo is installed in the profile.


profile Our friend Jake

We add to the VIP clients of all users who bought models from $ 50 and up
The client database is updated once every three months.


If you are a VIP customer
register and tell me your mail which you will use in mega and I will open for you access to folders

If your mega folders are encrypted, please let me know
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This happens if we add you before you create an account in mega


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